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20 Best Serverless Blogs to keep you in the loop

If you’re looking for practical, insightful, and educational blogs on Serverless, you’ve come
to the right place. Here are the 20 best serverless blogs online, handpicked by us.

Whether you are an experienced serverless pro or a newbie trying to get your head around serverless, these blogs give you the tools, tips, and techniques you need.

1. The Burning Monk

The burning monk, or Yan Cui, is a serverless hero and an excellent teacher of all things serverless. The site also contains a podcast, workshops, and courses as well as a blog. The content is aimed at developers and is pretty technical, but it is very clear, clever, and well-written. There are tons of great tips, advice, and guides – serverless isn’t just Lambda or functions, there are a host of services that need to be leveraged and Yan helps out. We are big burning monk fans – as smart as they come, super humble, and a very nice guy!

2. Off-by-none A Weekly Serverless Newsletter by Jeremy Daly

The off-by-none weekly newsletter by Jeremy Daly and the team is absolutely required reading for anyone interested in serverless. The team scans the internet (we still don’t know how they do it) and compile every interesting article, story, book, video, and announcement of the previous week into a neat newsletter, sent out every Tuesday. They also find the time to award a “Serverless Star of the week” – a great way to link into the serverless community on Twitter.

3. A Cloud Guru Blog

The standard of blogging from the training company, A Cloud Guru has always been of the highest quality. The scope is wider than serverless, but many very important topics are covered, including containers, certification, and coverage across AWS, Google, and Azure. 

4. Blog

One of the most popular ways to build serverless is the Serverless Framework, provided by the team at They are also wrapping this up in a complete platform offering called Serverless Cloud (with Jeremy Daly leading out, it’s one to watch). The blog here understandably talks about their products, but also has lots of great advice and is worth a read, regardless of what you use. 

5. AWS Community Builders

As well as the established AWS Hero program, the AWS Community Builder program launched in 2020. It’s a thriving and exciting community of top builders, right across the globe. This page aggregates all the blogs and is certainly worth a follow.

6. Serverless Transformation Blog

One company to keep an eye on is Aleios, created by Ben Ellerby through the Theodo Group. The blog the team there keep is called “Serverless Transformation” and is probably one of the best reads around (apart from The Serverless Edge)! This site is truly a thought leader with content on Event-Driven Architecture via EventBridge, edge compute, and next-generation serverless techniques. This one will make you think!

7. & 8. The AWS Blogs

The official AWS blogs are always required reading. We have put forward the Compute and the Architecture blogs specifically, they are a nice mix of announcements, guides, and deep dives. These blogs have a very high bar and cover many services, but focus on Modern Cloud. There are more informal questions and answers in the new service,, and with the new AWS console, the search will now pull back articles and documentation. It’s all at your fingertips!

9. Lumigo

Lumigo has an industry-leading platform for monitoring and debugging serverless applications. Their blog is a company blog, but it’s a great place to learn about observability, monitoring, and debugging. It’s a very fair read and will provide great industry commentary on these areas. This is essential as a Developer Experience will make or break your efficiency and effectiveness.

10. Serverless360

OK, time to bring Azure into the party! We are a little AWS-heavy, but there are important serverless approaches in other cloud providers as well. Serverless360 provides a cloud monitoring system for Azure services. There’s a lot of content here around Azure Functions and managed services. 

11. Nick Tune

It’s not quite a serverless blog but remember – there’s a new way of creating software evolving, and many of the techniques and topics that Nick writes about are the future. There is a sociotechnical element to creating software that combines well with serverless. When creating a serverless architecture, the system needs to be broken down as the boundaries are hard and critical – Nick’s work will help you do that well.

12. AWS Enterprise Strategy Blog

Another AWS blog, but this time from the team of Enterprise Strategists. This is not a serverless blog but speaks well to the bigger strategy around Cloud and describes some concepts around Security, Cost, and mindset that may need to be transformed in your company, as you move to serverless. Definitely get your boss to read this blog!

13. Theodo

Theodo, based out of New York, specialises in Serverless development (mostly node, react & python) for migration, apps, or new builds. They have a great team of engineers, who blog here on all sorts of topics (serverless, AWS, Azure, GCP, and lots of JavaScript development). It’s great to see real stories, from teams working on real problems. It’s very Javascript and python heavy – but this is a great way to build serverless. Focus on the architecture/design and implement quickly. A great resource with lots of content.


Paul Swail over at Serverless First has a collection of useful and practical guides covering serverless architecture and many useful patterns.  Paul also has a daily email newsletter and some public notes – a treasure chest of micro-blogging covering a wide range of topics. The newsletter is a great way to understand the thoughts and challenges of a Serverless First Engineer – and it’s not all functions!


This is a great site and filled with fantastic serverless content – no wonder, as it’s run by some of the finest serverless minds in the business – some of the AWS serverless Developer Advocates. The blog is more like a collection, lovingly curated by the team and a great one-stop shop. The patterns are worth a look here, as well as the learning paths and some neat talks from serverless events. 

16. Lego Engineers on Medium

There is an ongoing debate – is serverless for start-ups or the enterprise? The answer is both. This blog from Lego shows how a large company implements serverless to scale. It’s not only the technical approach, there’s a whole mindset displayed here led by Sheen Brisals and the team. A very mature engineering approach and lessons are here for every type and size of company. The articles are also very well-written and thought-provoking.

17. Serverless Chats

Although not technically a blog, this podcast provides a full transcript for every episode and is always entertaining, educational, and inspiring. Hosts Jeremy Daly and Rebecca Marshburn have a huge network of serverless and cloud leaders – they are all here! The topics covered in the podcast are quite wide and no stone is left unturned in the serverless ecosystem.

18. Serverless Guru

Serverless Guru is a company that helps with serverless and innovation – basically guiding your company or team through the change process. The articles range from high-level commentary on the type of transformation needed to specific bits of good practice that can help you on your journey. There are some nice comparison articles and great tips for engineers starting with serverless.

19. The Serverless Edge Blog

For this one entry, we’ll self-indulge! There is a bigger environment around serverless – how you are organised, what strategy you use, and how you integrate with your business partners. There is a value flywheel effect that happens when organizations are able to sense and respond to change and easily navigate the rough waves ahead, including migrating to the cloud and serverless.

20. InfoQ

InfoQ has a great collection of videos, articles, news, and guides to serverless. Collected from right across the industry. Always worth following the infoQ feed – with a focus on DevOps, Architecture, culture, and programming, all bases are covered here. An excellent resource for learning. Not to mention the terrific QCon conference, if you can catch it!

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