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What is the Modern Cloud/Serverless?

What is the Modern Cloud/Serverless? This post, adapted from The Value Flywheel Effect breaks down what exactly this new trend is. Software and the cloud have a language problem. Both have been around for decades and are evolving rapidly. For software, it was mainly sensible to keep components similar, consistent, and close to each other.…

Serverless Myths

The term “serverless myths” could also be described as “modern cloud myths.” The myths highlighted here have been excerpted from the book The Value Flywheel Effect. They also apply to a containerized, microservice, event-driven solution. The very nature of the cloud means it practically redefines itself every three to four years. The “old stuff” doesn’t go…

Serverless Espresso anyone?

We’ve been talking about AWS re:Invent over the last few weeks. But one thing that we haven’t talked about is Serverless Espresso. What is Serverless Espresso? Serverless Espresso is a pop up coffee shop that allows you to order coffee from your phone. It started off as a Lab. AWS Serverless Developer Advocates put it…

The Value Flywheel Effect Book

The Value Flywheel Effect by The Serverless Edge

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