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Cloud native applications need Serverless

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Cloud native architecture is much cheaper than traditional approaches, but it needs to be right. Serverless Engineering is by far the best approach for cloud native. The fact that the term has been made somewhat ambiguous is a challenge, but as I outlined in the Tech Republic last year – it’s much cheaper.

Cloud native needs serverless

Linking cloud native architecture and serverless

For some reason, cloud native has come to mean containers. The word’s original intent had a distinct slant towards the logical architecture and the idea of a microservice that could run anywhere. It’s a shame that it has evolved to the compute option, not the software component. Serverless builds on the idea of microservices.

The real rub of cloud native and serverless is that they promote creativity, agility and cost-savings. In 2020, Todd Weiss and I from Tech Republic (How Liberty Mutual is transforming its IT using serverless computing) had a great discussion on this.

Cost savings are mouth watering

In the article, there are two examples where we quote cost savings of 99.98% and 92.5%. The first example was a reduction from $50,000 per year to $10 per year. I had a few people come back on social media and challenge these figures – the savings couldn’t be genuine. I can assure you that these are figures taken directly from the source – I recorded the figures myself and double-checked everything before speaking about it in public.

Another way of looking at this saving is the waste of traditional IT. Decades ago, it was customary to spend five figures on running a server; now, it’s a huge waste. Some companies realize this but either need time to upgrade older systems or have already paid the capital expenditure and wait until the asset depreciates. The real worry is the many companies that do not realize this and will claim that “the cloud is expensive” and “we can do it cheaper” – I hope the shareholders don’t educate themselves on the actual cost of cloud-native and serverless – that will make for some very uncomfortable board meetings.

The article also includes some other advice on getting started with your cloud-native and serverless engineering journey. And yes, it is cheaper.

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