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20 Best Serverless Blogs to keep you in the loop

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you’re looking for practical, insightful and educational blogs on Serverless, you’ve cometo the right place. Here are the 20 best serverless blogs online, handpicked by us. Whether you are an experienced serverless pro or a newbie trying to get your head around serverless, these blogs give you the tools,Continue reading20 Best Serverless Blogs to keep you in the loop

Introduction to the Modern Cloud

Reading Time: 8 minutes This week the team introduce the Modern Cloud. Modern Cloud is a phrase that we use a lot.  It’s hard to explain what it means without thinking about legacy cloud. Gregor Hohpe has a great description. He says; ‘If you lift and shift to AWS (or any of the cloudContinue readingIntroduction to the Modern Cloud

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