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Serverless Craic Ep43 Wardley Mapping 101 Serverless Craic from The Serverless Edge

Wardley Mapping is a core part of our book: 'The Value Flywheel Effect'. And it's a topic that people always ask about it. It's a difficult thing to learn. We've spent many years thinking about it, stumbling around, and then practicing. So we figured we would do a quick series on Wardley Mapping.We have spent almost 10 years mapping, give or take. For me, it has been an absolute game-changer. One thing that's come along recently is the Wardley Mapping canvas by Ben Mosior @hiredthought. It's a nice canvas with six steps on how to map. Before I started using the canvas, I used to find that maps could get big and go off in 60 different directions.Purpose and scope are the first two steps. And then the third one is users. The fourth one is user needs. And then the fifth step is the value chain. It can be difficult to keep things abstract. And not go too deep. But it is good to be as abstract and high-level as possible, even just to start to get something down.Once you have the value chain of the user, a need, and a couple of dependencies, that's when you then bring it across to the map. And I would usually put them in the middle of the map. Drop them all into Product, to get you started. So you've got them all in a vertical line on your map and canvas. You start moving different components from left to right. And you might work out that one of the dependencies is Commodity or Custom. And you can see how that interaction goes. That's when you start to add in dependencies because you've got more room in the map.This is where the conversation really starts to kick into gear. And this is where people start to challenge each other's context and think about where that component belongs or what's missing from the map. So it makes for a very collaborative exercise.If you are planning a mapping session, you need to be a good facilitator. If a participant feels something is in the wrong place. Don't say no, you're wrong. It's in the right place. You want the individual to explain why they think so. If it is something that's blatantly just them for raising the challenge. The last thing you want is an unsafe environment where nobody wants to speak.It doesn't need to be too fancy. You might map for an hour. And if you're facilitating, five or 10 minutes off the hour, you take a couple of notes, If someone says we should move that component from x to y that's an observation, You're not committing to do it but just taking a few observations. Always just keep it simple.So here are a couple of really good links. We talked about Ben Mosier @hiredthought. He's got a brilliant site called Ben created the Wardley Mapping Canvas, which is on Creative Commons Open Source.Simon's also got a couple of links. There's a site on GitHub called Awesome Wardley Maps. It is by John Grant on Simon's original book is on Simon's content is great but deep. Serverless Craic from The Serverless EdgeCheck out our book The Value Flywheel Effect Follow us on Twitter @ServerlessEdge
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