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The 5 fundamentals to get right before getting started with serverless

We have put together a list of five fundamental concepts that you must understand. If you take the time to absorb them you have a better chance of successfully getting started with Serverless. Dave talks through them in depth in his article with The New Stack and Fauna. You can check out the original article here.

1. Serverless and Serverless First

Serverless has become a problematic word. Many people focus on Serverless simply being a way to describe a technology. For more details on what those terms mean check out our serverless and serverless first posts.

2. Reinvent your business model

Serverless is a movement. And it needs you to deeply understand and reinvent your business model for the 4th industrial revolution. Most people don’t understand this. And they don’t bother getting to grips with their business model.

3. Core building blocks

There are core building blocks that your org will need, if you chose to adopt and implement serverless. And even after you establish those core building blocks you will need to adapt to new benefits and challenges.

4. Rise of the managed service

You and your teams will need to reorient your engineering approach for the concept of managed services. This will require getting comfortable, realising that code is a liability, and fulfilling expectations with flexibility.

5. Serverless Mindset

Look forwards to the future of serverless. You need to reframe serverless as a mindset that you and your org need to adopt. Adopting a serverless mindset is vital if you want your org to excel and deliver your customers digital expectations.

The New Stack and serverless first
The New Stack

We don’t do theoretical or idealised views of the technological or digital strategy you ought to adopt. Dave has over twenty years experience as an engineering leader. His views are deeply rooted in the reality of engineering for orgs that have accumulated large amounts of technical debt over several decades. Dave has travelled on the serverless journey. He has managed the ups and downs and lived to tell the tale. His success is recognised by industry peers globally.

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