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Watch the ‘Adaptation’ talk at MapCamp 2021

Last year we spoke at MapCamp about Adaptation looking at technological adaptation. The track was on how resilient and successful companies adapt by creating a Value Flywheel.

Dave Anderson talking about ‘Adaptation’ at MapCamp 2021

Simon Wardley started MapCamp several years ago by announcing: “I’m going to the pub to talk about Mapping, anyone like to join me?” Now it’s a global, virtual annual event with incredible speakers!

Here’s a live sketch of the talk, kindly created by Katja Piroue. I think it’s a fantastic representation of the Value Flywheel and technological adaptation and amazing that it was done in real-time.

adaptation - The Value Flywheel from The Serverless Edge.
Adaptation – The Value Flywheel from The Serverless Edge

The talk itself was an experiment inspired by Adrian Cockcroft on live mapping, using and visual code.

Many have been asking about how I did live mapping in my talk on technological adaptation. There have been a lot of questions from viewers who want to understand more about the technique so that they can use in in their teams and orgs.

The beauty of mapping is the story that the map tells. Most of the tools we have today do not visualize the narrative in the correct manner. This method of “storyboarding” the map (I think) is quite nice.

The tool is Visual Studio (VSCode) and it’s using the Wardley map plugin. You can grab the source code here:

As we work on more maps over the next year, we (at The Serverless Edge) are keen to share them with you. The best way to learn is by examples. This is the place to go, so watch the repo and give us a star!

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