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Is Modern Cloud theory the same thing as Serverless?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Serverless is coming to a close. It was a useful vehicle to describe what emerged but it needs to retire to an IT glossary. A modern cloud evolutionary journey has overtaken it. And the term modern cloud theory supplants it. Modern cloud captures the need to balance tech capabilities withContinue readingIs Modern Cloud theory the same thing as Serverless?

The modern CEO – how to lead in Cloud

Reading Time: 7 minutes This week the Serverless Craic team tackle how to meet a Modern CEOs expectations for Modern Cloud. They look at three aspects: Capability, Speed and Flexibility and how each of those apply to your Engineering and Product Teams. Dave Anderson   We’re continuing our series on Modern Cloud. Last time, weContinue readingThe modern CEO – how to lead in Cloud

Introduction to the Modern Cloud

Reading Time: 8 minutes This week the team introduce the Modern Cloud. Modern Cloud is a phrase that we use a lot.  It’s hard to explain what it means without thinking about legacy cloud. Gregor Hohpe has a great description. He says; ‘If you lift and shift to AWS (or any of the cloudContinue readingIntroduction to the Modern Cloud

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