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Reaching Cloud Velocity, a path to your serverless edge

“Reaching Cloud Velocity : A leader’s guide to success in AWS Cloud” by Jonathan Allen and Thomas Blood captures guidance, advice and hard won wisdom. It’s written in a concise and digestible way. All leaders on a cloud journey should embrace this book. 

The action steps at the end of each chapter are well worth reviewing. They help you see how to apply them to your own environment.

‘Reaching cloud velocity’ is your guidebook to cloud success

Reaching cloud velocity book

The book ‘Reaching cloud velocity’ is AWS centric. The books contents can be applied to any of the major cloud providers.

I found myself nodding along and smiling as I read through the book. The guidance and advice closely reflects my own thoughts on enterprise transformation. There is a focus on differentiating capabilities and setting strategy with Wardley mapping. And enabling and upskilling your people. It looks at migration approaches and setting the right environment for team and organisational success. The book covers the well architected framework. And adopting a serverless first mindset and approach (with containers and serverless as friends, not rivals). The book ultimately focuses on delivering business value.


There is strong Serverless content throughout the book. It focuses on the history, principles, capabilities, benefits and real world success stories of Serverless.  This book calls out that containers and serverless should be “friends, not rivals”. And shows how they can work in tandem to build modern applications.  I would encourage a Serverless-first mindset and approach with containers as a fall-back in a spectrum of options. 

I love and wholeheartedly agree with their definition of serverless:

While serverless if very often championed as a way to reduce costs and scale massively and on demand, there is one extraordinarily compelling reason above all others to adopt a serverless first approach. Simply using serverless is the best way to achieve maximum development velocity over time and remove vast amounts of undifferentiated heavy lifting”.

“Reaching Cloud Velocity: A Leader’s Guide to Success in the AWS Cloud”

Helping your organisation to realise its serverless edge.

‘Reaching cloud velocity’ sits alongside Wardley Mapping, Accelerate and Team Topologies as go to reference material that all leaders should be leveraging as they evolve their organisations for the cloud era.

This book will help you and your organisation onto the path to realise your serverless edge.

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