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Serverless Craic Ep45 Bringing Mapping to your Org Serverless Craic from The Serverless Edge

Bringing mapping to your org. We are doing a wee series on Wardley Mapping, with some practical items. The last two episodes were: 'Wardley Mapping 101' and 'Can Wardley Maps Predict the Future?'. So I thought it would be good to answer a common question: 'That's a cool technique, but how would I do that in my work?'. If you follow Simon Wardley, on Twitter, and you've started experimenting with Wardley Mapping, we tell you how you to bring Wardley Mapping to your place of work.We talk about using the Northstar exercise to facilitate mapping. And about finding like-minded people to sit and practice with. There is a way of talking about mapping. You're better to start with the outcomes. And then see if people are interested to get back into the map, as a way of sensemaking complicated areas. It's great to make sense of something and share that thinking with peers. And once you get into that language, you open up a common way of thinking and the idea of evolution to access things you want to talk about it.Serverless Craic from The Serverless EdgeCheck out our book The Value Flywheel Effect Follow us on Twitter @ServerlessEdge
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