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Ask better questions for Long Term Value

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Successful systems are never finished, they need to be continuously maintained, improved and evolved to keep successfully delivering value. But does your Team know what good looks like and what improvements to aim for.

A Problem Prevention culture means rewarding teams for avoiding failure, not just fixing issues, and means continuously investing in delivering a Well Architected Solution that embraces engineering excellence.

Can your teams consistently deliver systems that address concerns around Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimisation ? If so then you are well on the way to having an system that can deliver long term value.

We have had great success rolling out the Well Architected framework across many teams and truly believe it is a great approach to helping your organisation prevent problems and keep your systems delivering long term value.

Well Architected Framework

Micheal O’Reilly has written a brilliant guide on How to make well-architected work for organisations, so go read that 2 part series to really get into the details of rolling out Well Architected in your Organisation.

Ask Better Questions

As leaders we strive to enable and empower our teams to be make decisions, as they are the people with the most context, but we need to ensure they are challenging themselves to deliver the best solution possible. Quite simply the Well Architected Framework gives your leaders and teams better questions to ask of their Teams, architecture, solutions, code, processes and practices.

Performing Well Architected reviews in a team first, iterative, collaborative way as outlined by Mike above is a fantastic way to empower and enable your teams to learn, measure and improve continuously and compare themselves to industry standards.

We want teams to feel confident that they are delivering a Well Architected solution.

Well Architected Reviews are a great sensing engine that really helps you understand and identify gaps, challenges and issues teams and leaders are facing, and the feedback can be used to identify new patterns and guidance to keep the Value flywheel turning smoothly.

We love these questions so much we created our own Mindmap of them all, so we could quickly reference them (available here). These prove very valuable in Architecture, Design, Reviews and leadership discussions. Having this mindmap open throughout my day, enabled us to ask better questions, challenge our leaders and teams, and prevent problems before they happen, all leading to much improved long term value.

AWS Well Architected Framework

Well Architected Serverless Series

We have performed many, many well Architected reviews and had built up a lot of custom guidance and advice to give our teams around how to meet the challenge of delivering a Well Architected Serverless solution within our organisations.

Thankfully Julian Wood of AWS has produced an amazing multi-part series addressing each of the questions within the Serverless Lens of the Well-Architected framework.

Julian has done an amazing job distilling down best practices and practical advice that was very similar to the guidance and advice we would give our teams. So in true Wardley mapping fashion, we can now dispose of our custom built guidance and point teams at this series for a more definitive and official guide.

Thanks Julian and the AWS team!

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