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Our team is made up of engineers, tech enthusiasts, marketers and thought leaders who are obsessed with technology. We want to share our tools and techniques so that you can use them to communicate with your C-Suite and business owners.

We want to help you to build a serverless first organisation. So we will show you how to use Wardley Mapping to gain situational awareness of where your cloud applications and business are.

And then how to develop your technical capability in away that builds engineering standards to set your organisation up for sustainable success.

If you believe in our mission and are interested in joining us, please get in contact with us.

David Anderson

Job Title:Cloud Architect at G-P
Current interests:I’m passionate about driving technical strategy and helping others along the transformation journey. I lead transformation, technical excellence, cloud adoption, ecommerce strategies, technical community activity and both participated and led several enterprise/organizational change efforts.
Public engagement:Active in various technologies including ML/AI, Public Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Engineering, Product, Cyber, UX.

Specialties: All areas of Software Development, Design, Architecture, Test and Technical Leadership.
Active in the internal and external technical community, including AWS/Cloud, Architecture, AI, Agile, Product & emerging technology
Author of The Value Flywheel Effect
Author/Contributor at The Serverless Edge
Career history:Previously worked in many different finance and Telecomms solutions including messaging (SMSC), Information On Demand content system, Mobile Gaming, 3G mobile internet content system, WCMDA OSS.
When I am not working:Dad to two wonderful kids. Enjoy running at marathon level and getting off road on a mountain bike.

Mark McCann

Job Title:Senior Architect at G-P
Current interests:Working on making “Business idea to production in minutes” a reality.
Focus on Business Value, Team First, Serverless First, Engineering Excellence, No undifferentiated heavy lifting, Cost Optimised, Secure by Design
AWS, event driven architecture, CDK, Well-Architected, OpenAPI, Spring boot, Spring cloud, Docker, Pivotal cloud foundry, consumer driven contracts, BDD, CI/CD.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional (SAP).
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA).
AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA).
Public engagement:Active in the Serverless community. Author/Contributor at The Serverless Edge.
Career history:After graduating, I have enjoyed a successful career trajectory from Principal Software Engineer to Senior Architect.
When I am not working:Enjoy a long walk along the beach with my family.

Michael O’Reilly

Job Title:Senior Architect at G-P
Current interests:Michael O’Reilly is a Software-Architect that specializes in arming organizations with the ability to develop ideas into world-class products by leveraging the capabilities of the Modern Cloud.
Public engagement:Active in the Serverless community. Michael continues to help organisations embrace the modern cloud as a Software Architect with Globalization Partners and as a contributor with The Serverless Edge.
Career history:Since 2005 Michael has devoted his career to enterprise application and service development. He was part of the team that led Liberty Mutual’s foray into the world of e-commerce, building out their main online insurance product set.
Being a progressive thinker Michael became an active leader in Liberty Mutual’s transition to the cloud.
He has become specialized in leading teams and the C-suite into modern cloud product development through sustainable approaches and practices guided by Serverless-First and the Well-Architected Framework.
When I am not working:Soccer fan. Enjoy running and spending time with family

Treasa Anderson

Job Title:Digital Marketing Specialist –
Current interests:Senior Marketing Professional with a keen interest in the convergence of Tech and Marketing to deliver innovative and customer oriented solutions
Career history:Over 20 years experience of developing and marketing customer oriented solutions in Financial Services and Tech.

Enjoy developing digital marketing strategies, using SEO, PPC, and other techniques to drive traffic to The Serverless Edge blog. And creating engaging written, graphic and video content on the future of work, the future of software and the future of technology.
Serverless and serverless-first represents an advanced way to build, either on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Our mission is to equip businesses to build applications that are transformative for their customers now and into the future.

Also Volunteer at MS Society UK and Shift.MS
When I am not working:Mum to two great kids. I enjoy HIT workouts, reading and teaching music.
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