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How to transform cloud-native architecture with serverless

You may have reached the conclusion that cloud-native architecture is cheaper. But you still need to approach it in the right way.

Serverless computing is the approach you and your org needs. Serverless as a term has become ambiguous. And that is a challenge for everyone. Some days I feel that I want to replace the word completely. But as I outlined in an article for Tech Republic – it leads to dramatic process improvements and significant cost savings. It unlocks business value.

Linking cloud-native architecture and serverless

For some reason, cloud-native has come to mean containers. The word’s original intent slanted towards logical architecture. And the idea of a microservice that could run anywhere. It’s a shame that for many it means a compute option. Rather than a software component. In actual fact, Serverless builds on the idea of microservices.

This is a real revolution to grasp cloud-native and serverless. They can offer your org transformative shifts in creativity, agility, and cost-savings. In 2020, Todd Weiss and I from Tech Republic had a great discussion on how I achieved this with Liberty Mutual.

Cost savings are mouth-watering

We talk through mouth-watering ways to cost savings of 92.5% to 99.98%. In one story we reduced costs from $50,000 to $10 per year. A few people challenged these figures on social media. I can assure you that the figures are direct from the source. I recorded the figures and double-checked everything before speaking about them in public.

You need to think about the waste of traditional IT. Decades ago, it was customary to spend five figures on running a server. Now, it’s considered to be a huge waste. Some companies have realized this. But either needs time to upgrade the older system. Or they have paid the capital expenditure and want to wait until the asset depreciates. The real worry is that many companies that do not realize this will claim that “the cloud is expensive” and “we can do it cheaper”.

I hope their shareholders don’t educate themselves on the actual cost of cloud-native and serverless. That would make for some very uncomfortable board meetings.

The article also includes some other advice on getting started with your cloud-native and serverless engineering journey.

The first step is to make the decision to leave infrastructure management to cloud vendors. This immediately gives IT staffers much more time for creativity in building applications. Thus starting the journey of driving business value for the org and customers.

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