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AWS, what’s new?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dave had the pleasure of attending another AWS re:Invent. To sum up, it was about the next generation of cloud (also called next-gen cloud or modern cloud), which is focused on delivering value quickly by removing barriers to business adoption and enablement. 

Danilo Poccia and Dave Anderson at AWS re:Invent

AWS what’s new: From Cloud Migration to Cloud Solutions 

This year there was a solution focus to re:Invent; previously, there was a focus on migration. On Day 1, SiliconAngle published the article “AWS chief Adam Selipsky hints at the next-gen cloud.” The article looked at classic cloud versus next-gen cloud. Classic cloud is infrastructure as a service and the platform of the cloud. Next-gen cloud refers to ISVs (independent software vendors) and true cloud, which uses the cloud to power your business journey. I was excited because this is exactly what we discuss in The Value Flywheel Effect book! (In The Value Flywheel Effect, I refer to these as Legacy Cloud and Modern Cloud) 

Quote from the article:

“Digital transformation is moving to the cloud which is driving organizational change and people are saying, ‘Hey, how should I organize my company? And I can see my culture changing, how do I proactively shape that?’” Selipsky told me. “But the business transformation potential of the cloud is to make organizations faster, more risk-taking, more innovative. That’s what I meant by business transformation of the organization.”

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