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8 new facts to consider in the Serverless v Containers debate

It’s evident from the latest DataDog Survey that serverless computing has become a significant trend in modern computing, with organizations adopting various serverless offerings to build and manage applications. Read through our 8 facts that you need to consider next time the Serverless v Containers debate starts.

The report highlights several key insights:

Fact 1: Major Cloud Providers’ Serverless Adoption

Fact 2: Managed Container-Based Serverless Adoption

Fact 3: Emerging Serverless Platforms for Frontend Development

Fact 4: AWS Lambda Language Usage

Photo by Taylor Van Riper on Unsplash

Fact 5: AWS Lambda Cold Starts by Language

Fact 6: AWS Lambda on ARM Adoption

Fact 7: Preferred AWS Lambda Deployment Tools

Fact 8: AWS Lambda Functions Connected to VPCs

These insights highlight the continued growth of serverless adoption across different cloud providers and showcase trends such as container-based serverless, emerging serverless platforms, language preferences for Lambda, cold start considerations, ARM adoption, deployment tool preferences, and VPC connectivity. Serverless computing is clearly transforming the way applications are built and managed in modern computing environments.

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